Welcome to the Tarrant County Historical Society website. The original organization was called The Old Settlers and Historical Society, founded in 1897. The organization had 100 members and met once a year. After Fort Worth’s Diamond Jubilee in 1924, the group was reorganized as the Fort Worth Historical Society. It lasted only three years. The group was reogranized in March of 1940 with R. L. Paschal as president. Theis group became inactive two years later during WWII. Following the war, the group was reorganized in April of 1948 as The Tarrant County Historical Society (the “Society”) with 57 members and Frank Kent as the President.

Today, the Society actively presents a series of programs on Fort Worth and Tarrant County history. We also make small grants for projects that enrich historical knowledge, preserve historical sites and historical places, or facilitate access to historical materials related to Tarrant County.